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Mission & Vision

Bethany Christian College of Teacher Education (BCCTE) endeavours;

​*To ensure that the training is child-centre in approach..

 *To facilitate the learning of student-learners in such a manner that it results in the holistic growth of young students who are at the receiving end..

​​*To motivate student-teachers to become mentors who demonstrate not only skill in teaching but love and ingenuity in their classrooms and spheres of teaching.


Bethany Christian College of Teacher Education (BCCTE) aspires;

​*To offer quality teacher education to flourish, develope and empower the student-teacher fraternity and to foster life long learning.

 *To gradually evolve as a thriving research and development centre for the teacher education and school education in the state and to offer such innovative teacher education programme that create the potential to produce high-quality educational personnel in future for the school system.

​​*To provide quality teacher education resulting in harmonious development of the pupil teachers and to provide socially productive individuals

Let's Work Together

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